SBFC 030: No More Dutch Rudders

30 episodes yay! Maaaannnn, F2P Mobile games and ignorant investors are getting out of control. C’mon guys. Stop scumming all over the place. It’s sticky and hard to clean.
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Investor hypothesises paying 99cents to make mario jump a little higher//0.15% of mobile games account for 50% of all in-game revenue//Sony Santa Monica is hit by layoffs and a project supposedly cancelled//`WiiU overtakes 360 in Japan at 1.64m units//Kickstarter hit 1bil in pledges//Someone made Seinfeld’s apt in Oculus//N++!//Pavillion looks like a thing// Heart and Slash looks like a thing too//Stick of Truth censorship is awesome//Ouya sales are within projections, soon the box won’t be needed//Tony Hawk is mobile, move along, nothing to see here//USF4 EDITION SELECT! Offline only!//Socal regionals results//DOA5U new character//Jojo confirmed for apr.25th//Predicatable headline of the week: WB is getting Lego movie guys to make Minecraft movie//

Podcast | | March 4, 2014 • 2:11 am