SBFC 029: You can’t Rubber-fist because of Reasons


We saw Robocop and discuss it! Irrational games on the outs, Atlus on the ins, Assassin’s Creed 5 on it’s way, and Fox News being Fox News. Got a question? Superbestfriendcast[at]gmail[dot]com

Correction: Harold Ramis has died.

Goodbye Irrational//Craigslist Killer: Dark Souls on Fox News//AssCreedVee rumours//No WAIT, Russia?!//Hiroki Kato (Vanquish/God Hand lead designer, RE:CV director) has become a farmer//Which Aladin is better?//Grounded: Making The Last of Us//Kazakh rename?//Xbone UK price cut + Titanfall//Strike Suit Zero looks like boners//Atlus lives//Occulus on hold//Rumour: PS4 VR coming to GDC 2014(Mar 17)//Tony Hawk is coming back//BUTBUTWHYY//Keifer Kombat//Harold Ramis has died//Guardiants of the Galaxy//Space Jam 2 re-cancelled//

Podcast | | February 25, 2014 • 3:04 am