SBFC 26: Drenched in Liam Milk

Xbone leaks, Xbone leaks EVERYWHERE. We cover the rumor mill and discuss dead game studios like Dontnod, dead actors like Hoffman, dead franchises like Duke Nukem, ARMCHAIR CEO, and unconventional storytelling methods in gaming.

Got your 4 Swords Aniiversary?//Psychic Best Friends Network – Pat and Liam called it//NTKRNL: Xbone Leaks!//plz leak plz: Press Embargo’d 40 minutes of The Order 1886 tommorow//Ditch your PS3 and save $100//Dontnod is dead// Funcom offices raided by ØKOKRIM for dox in Oslo//Ouya New-ya – improved controller storage and WiFI connectivity// Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction//Non-news article of the week: Watch Dogs trademark abandoned//KI adds jail mode// JJASB English port will have a limited physical release on Amazon//Phillip Seymour Hoffman dead//Chip N Dale revival? Godamnit Disney//ARMCHAIR CEO – CM Punk quits WWE//


Podcast | | February 4, 2014 • 10:42 am