SBFC 017: Today Is All Your Birthdays!

Zelda and Mario! Happy happy joy joy! We talk about The Walking Dead, Star Wars, Sega, Oculus Rift, stickers, and the rumoured 5th character of Ultra Street Fighter! Yay Videogames!

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Xenoblade And Metroid Prime Trilogy Are Available At GameStop For $40// Is this even true? In Brazil, a total of 0 PS4s have so far been sold// Atlus Are Free To Use Dormant Sega IP Says Company President// CDPR doesn’t see any major power difference between PS4 and Xbox One; PS4 “a little more complicated”// No Xbone, don’t kill mom!// NINTENDO! STAHP// Be A Man! Samurai School: Japan, This Is What’s Called Being A Man!// Neverland Limited Company is bankrupt// Familiar character returning in The Walking Dead season two//The Witness might receive Oculus Rift support//
Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- adds its first original character, introducing Bedman// Skullgirls adds parrying to endless beta on PC for Big Band// Killer Instinct Online problems// RETSU?!// Full Scale Millennium Falcon Completed for STAR WARS//

Podcast | | December 3, 2013 • 2:03 am