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SBFC 012: We Gotta Get Back to Space!


This week, we’re talking about all the jogos. Watchdogs delay and the effect it has on next gen launch, Pokemerns everywhere, Tales games being pumped out faster that they can be translated, Phoenix Wright, Guilty Gear Xrd and Ultra SF4!

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Watch Dogs Delayed// NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden inspired by videogames//Pokémon Detective Game in early development – unprecedented Pikachu title// New Screens of Attack on Titan 3DS// Namco Japan is churning out Tales games faster than the US team can localize them// Super Mario 3D World has no online and here’s why//
Phoenix Wright Trailer looks dope// Sales: Pokemon did 4 million in week 1, but dropped off more than Black and White to under 500k //Xbone Dashboard preview: For the ADD kids// Adventure Time collectors edition because I don’t know//
Killzone Shadow Fall was almost 290gigs. Wat.// Square Enix has “discussed” letting Eidos work on Final Fantasy – could be “very interesting”// Ubisoft Fighter Within: What is this I don’t even// New system mechanic coming to Ultra Street Fighter 4 outside of Red Focus and double ultras// Capcom have a new fighting game in development says Ono — platform currently undecided, development in the preparation stages// Faust confirmed for GGXrd!//
Edna Krabappel’s Voice actor died// Space Dandy on Toonami!//Bee and Puppycat!