SBFC 011: Superman’s Bulge Needs to be Made Off-Model

Ellen Page’s virtual nudity scandal? Totalbiscuit and exploitable Youtube policies? Kinect tracking your snack buying habits? Cool videogame ads? RED FOCUS ATTACKS IN ULTRA STREET FIGHTER 4?! Yoooooooo!

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TotalBiscuit on youtube policies//Ellen Page Nudity Lawsuit//Kinect to Track Your Snack Buying Habits//Xenoblade And Metroid Prime Trilogy//Metal Gear Rising GOTY edition//18 years of PlayStation//Pokemon X / Y’s save glitch//Batman: Arkham Origins – TV Spot//3DS/Wii U cross-play with other systems//Air jousting in GTA Online//Mtn Dew Xbox One//Capcom removing GFWL//Red Focus! //Rival Schools 3//New Characters in Xuan Dou Zhi Wang//Killer Instinct’s Launch Versions//Rashida Jones as the Wasp//

Podcast | | October 22, 2013 • 1:31 am